Can We?

A workday that took me quickly through four states (ME, NH, MA, & RI) and now back home, reflecting on an inspiring day. Filled with many memorable moments, this one in particular I would like to share:

Prior to 8am this morning I was maneuvering to keep up with the foot traffic on the bustling platform of South Station, Boston when I caught a quick glimpse of what looked colorful and felt powerful — I paused — stopped in my tracks, circled back to capture this sign.

I found myself throughout the course of my day replaying this image which was directly followed by silent shouting inside my head;

“America, can we please do this!” 


We can make a difference. 

Encourage People's Passions.

You know that feeling when you read something it just moves you? When every word flows like water, every sentence fits and sticks, and every paragraph carries more power than the last. You are completely engaged in what that author is saying.  I just had that exact moment and I wanted to share that article with you.  Plus it doesn't hurt the fact it has been 733-days since I last submitted a blog post! (2 years and 3 days since I last blogged, wow!) A lot has happened to UROCK, to myself, to my career since "My Perspective" on April 21, 2015.  We will save that for a Nick Novel down the road for now I will keep it brief.  

I will be directing your attention and giving credit to Matt Zimmer, author of article:
"Why Talking 'Passion' Can Make All The Difference." (April 21, 2017, Talent Management and HR). This jolted my motivational mindset and after reading it I'm all fired up to embrace this fresh week of work.  I was encouraged and felt slightly obligated to share this with you. 

The bulls-eye this article hits directly pinpoints why I am so grateful and passionate about my role with MassPay. We are constantly practicing this and we are always thinking of ways to enhance our workplace environment for our entire team.  The concept is easy to grasp --- now to execute it on a consistent basis that can be the difficult task. As a company one of our core values is to; constantly expect more from yourself and from those around you. The culture that Zimmer articulates in his article is something that certainly resonates with us and companies worldwide should adopt. If this philosophy echoed with more companies and a greater amount of managers, business owners, and executives started to implement it, think of how positive, productive, and peaceful our entire world could be?  

  • Find the right people
  • Discover their passions
  • Unleash their talent
  • Watch them perform to be their most engaging self
  • Manage & coach team cohesiveness
  • Express & display sincere care to everyone (employees, clients, partners, community)
  • ...and the results will speak for itself. 

I'll leave you with an extra appetizer of inspiration and hopefully you'll enjoy the short-impact article as much as I did. The majority of us spend so much of our time on this earth inside our walls of work, let's all do the right thing and treat people well, find out what people are passionate about, and know -- truly know -- we all have what it takes to make a difference.  

Enjoy: "Why Talking 'Passion' Can Make All The Difference." by Matt Zimmer.

~With Great Enthusiasm, 
UROCK's Chief Igniter (part-time)
MassPay's Chief Inspiration Officer (full-time)
and Passionate About People's Well-Being All The Time,

-Nicholas D. Mirabello 

My Perspective

Blessed to be surrounded by the best! Yesterday was a very special work day. 

It made a significant impact on me personally and professionally. 

The day was filled with work that I love, strength, smiles, learning lessons, partnerships, friendships forming, new signs, and I saw first-hand what it visually looks like when someone chooses their attitude and shifts their mindset. 

I truly mean it when I say at UROCK our dream is for you to achieve yours. If you're willing to have fun, care for your future, trust the process, hold yourself accountable, want to get slightly out of your comfort zone, are open to improvements, and have the ability to tap into your creative soul, then a #UROCKparty is for you! 

You can turn your vision into reality!

Last night after the two-hour drive home from the White Mountains I dropped off all the dream supplies at the storage unit and it was roughly one am. I was happily exhausted, it capped off a 14-hour total work day, although the majority of the day certainly did not feel like work. Once I arrived back home I immediately got to work, started to jot down notes from this experience. What went great, what needs to improve, and began plans for the next UROCKparty! I can't stop, won't stop :) I have the desire to inspire, I want all of us to live the life we want to live. If you can see it, you can believe it, if you can believe it, you can achieve it!

Thanks for reading UROCKstars, that's just my perspective.

Fired up with Enthusiasm, 

UROCK's Chief Igniter, 



Post party photo taken from Heidi's iPhone. Everyone walked out holding onto their vision, with their dreams in hand. A very calming energy fills the room after a UROCKparty is complete. 

Post party photo taken from Heidi's iPhone. Everyone walked out holding onto their vision, with their dreams in hand. A very calming energy fills the room after a UROCKparty is complete. 


UROCK is proud to announce it begins a new partnership with The Olympia Companies. Kicking off the second week of April their VP of Hotel Management John Schultzel is leading and organizing their annual General Manager Meetings down in Winter Park, Florida (about 15 minutes north of Orlando).  This company outing will be a 3-day retreat (4/8 to 4/10) involving their 16 GM’s and 7 other leading team members.  This company is a distinguished leader in the hotel industry (based out of Portland, Maine) and runs and operates 16 fine hotel establishments up and down the east coast and as far as Illinois.  Click here for a full list of their properties.

UROCK and DATACET will perform on Thursday, April 9th at 9:30am to 12:30pm, talk about a powerful and fun way to start your work morning, ready to rock & DREAM BIG!

UROCK and DATACET will perform on Thursday, April 9th at 9:30am to 12:30pm, talk about a powerful and fun way to start your work morning, ready to rock & DREAM BIG!

The Olympia Companies pride themselves on their employee loyalty and providing excellent customer service. Their five core values are; FUN, CONCERN FOR OTHERS, TRUST, ACCOUNTABILITY, and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT.  UROCK was thrilled when they learned how much both brands truly align. The second day of these GM Meetings, Schultzel was seeking out the best Team Builder for his staff, something that would truly re-energize and align their team and inspire each staff member personally and professionally.  That is why they booked a #UROCKparty!

A 3-hour UROCK Vision Board Workshop all cued to the live musical performance by DATACET.  

UROCK’s Chief Igniter, Nick Mirabello will be traveling down to the Sunshine State with a familiar dynamic duo, the talented artist, free-thought lyricist MC: Brian (bcap) Capobianchi and the creative sound machine DJ: Ryan (obie) Obermiller, together they are DATACET. Both are no strangers to a UROCKparty as they have been the exclusive provider of the musical soundscape backing the unique UROCK experience that has grand visions to sweep our nation and make others dreams come true!  

Florida will mark UROCK’s 5th State in just under a year of beginning the traveling motivational market.  First was New Hampshire (where UROCK was founded in 2010) and now UROCK has been seen inspiring in Massachusetts, Maine, and just recently O’ahu Hawaii.  

UROCK is very excited to bring this highly-creative, energetic workshop and introduce the power of Vision Boards to the Sunshine State and is extremely grateful for John Schultzel and his team at Olympia Companies for beginning this partnership.  

This promises to be a dynamic team builder that each staff member will leave their annual GM Meetings feeling motivated, refreshed, and walking out with their dreams in hand!


‘‘The Envelope, one word, The Shift, and Our Universe.’’

These four items have a significant meaning and played an integral role in how this whole WANDERLUST-UROCK connection all came about.

First, Part One: ''The envelope'' --- 

When did Brian (bcap) Capobianchi and his free-thought music meet Nick Mirabello and his brand of UROCK?  What started their journey of business partnership and friendship?  The timeline, the details, and the thrills that have taken place ever since these two entrepreneurs started to collaborate.

Our worlds collided on October 5, 2013, when local rockstar and incredible entrepreneur business woman and dear mutual friend Ms. Jessica Todd hired UROCK to assist in the marketing and emcee efforts of her 1st Anniversary Bash at her establishment of jessica todd on 33 Deer Street, Suite 1A.  The town’s newest hottest salon was throwing an epic party to celebrate and make their presence felt that they were the new kids on the block and ready to empower our Seacoast making people feel and look beautiful. Jessica also hired local radio station WXGR and their infamous free-thought lyricist, bcap to perform free-thought beats to pump up the party atmosphere.

Now I heard of this ¨bcap¨ but never met him.  Well that day 10/5/12 I did and we were intrigued with one another’s talents, thoughts, and own trails.

bcap and bello (Mirabello) did not reconnect until UROCK hires DATACET to perform on January 21, 2014 for the epic MLK DAY UROCKparty we held at jessica todd.  You could not have wrote a better script that evening. UROCK, the jtCrew, and DATACET inspired 104 Dreamers. (51 females, 51 males, & 2 dogs!) the community came out on that cold winter Monday night in January!  Dreams came true, partnerships were on display, and UROCK, jessica todd, and DATACET had executed one of the best parties in Portsmouth!

It was that NEXT NIGHT I will also never forget. A group of us headed out to another local establishment to support our friend bcap perform at The RED DOOR.  It was a unique acoustic set Brian created with his good friend Jackson Warfield.  It drew an incredible crowd and Jackson’s poetry readings were cued to bcap’s acoustic tunes. During a break in the performance, Brian and I made a point to meet up, connect, and catch up quickly. What he handed me on January 22nd, 2014 that evening inside the RED DOOR was an envelope, written across the front read ‘-urock-’.   I was caught off guard.

I quickly said, ¨woah, what is this?’   Inside that envelope was half the money of what I paid Brian the night before for UROCK’s event. I worked hard to earn that cash (serving tables at fine establishment of RADICI Restaurant) to pay for bcap’s and obie’s epic UROCKparty performance.  It was that very moment when Brian handed back half of his portion and stated, ''Take it, I want you to have some of this back.''  

Before he let me refuse it and read the slightly confused look on my face, Cap’ then stated,
''Means, we are in this together. I believe in you Nick.''

From that day forward I knew we were able to build a great business partnership, but more importantly blossom a beautiful friendship.

ALL OR NOTHING. Not so fast...

¨All or nothing.¨  The first words my mouth uttered this morning when I woke up at 4:30am! Truth. I can’t sleep I am too excited! Not to worry friends, I went back to bed, my body woke up again at 5:30, 6:30, finally at 7:30am I started my UROCK workday. I quickly stretched, read Dr. Norman Vincent Peale’s quote of the day, jumped up, splashed some cold-crisp water on the face, brushed my teeth with enthusiasm, ran downstairs fired up the tea kettle and the creativity started to boil.

I am currently in the midst of a very interesting moment during my entrepreneurial journey. I have a strong feeling that I am sitting on the brink of something very exciting.  To learn more check out my very first Kickstarter Experience. But this not why I am writing this blog, I write because I want to educate, inspire, and share my definition of ALL OR NOTHING, it’s much deeper than you may think.

First, for the unemotional definition: For anyone that is unaware of the intricacies of Kickstarter, an important fact to know.  If you ever launch one yourself, it is an ALL or Nothing fundraising campaign. Meaning; you set a goal for $5K and you graciously raise $4, funds go through, backers are not charged their pledge and your project is not funded.

My present mindset: Although I am an uber positive, optimistic entrepreneur, and I have no clue what my results will be in the next 5 days: Will I hit my mark of $6,200?  Will I come close?  Regardless of whatever takes place, heck I feel like I already won! The process alone is incredible education for me.  From the support to self-perseverance to this entire learning experience. This is something I have never felt in my marketing/business career. For me personally, embracing my own Kickstarter Campaign, plus learning about others and backing others. My mindset as always been if I ask of something to others, I must first do what I ask, correct? Check out these rockstars: Sing For Hope Pianos and CamCarry

I practice what I preach. I have donated towards these two amazing projects.  The networking has been refreshing and all rewarding for me.  Yes, I could probably use a couple more hours of sleep but I guess you have to take it all in. Already this KS-journey has opened doors for me, not so much financially but more importantly---emotionally.  I have BIG DREAMS, a GRAND VISION and Kickstarter has been a terrific platform to promote more positive creativity around our globe. Let’s all do our part to make our world a better place.

My Dream; gathering communities to build their own vision board and have their dreams become reality. Will I raise all the funds that I have to bring this project to life? Not sure, but here is how I define it:
I am giving nothing but my ALL to spread a positive message and doing what I love.  I love pursuing my passion and I will not give up.
Was I scared to throw myself out there and launch this Kickstarter?  Shit yeah! Still am, but I if you are on the brink of something exciting, then my advice is to; GIVE IT YOUR ALL and FEAR NOTHING!

happy dreaming people,


'Be Happy, It Sticks!' Photo captured by Heidi Haseltine Photography.  {Other UROCK Dream Catchers helping to build UROCK's Brand: Dan Freund (@MyFriendDan) and Raya Al-Hashmi of RSA Photography.

'Be Happy, It Sticks!' Photo captured by Heidi Haseltine Photography.  {Other UROCK Dream Catchers helping to build UROCK's Brand: Dan Freund (@MyFriendDan) and Raya Al-Hashmi of RSA Photography.

Can't Sleep... ...PROUD of it!

The next 48 hours are big! UROCK has to be uber productive, I can't sleep, I woke up at 5am today with no alarm, just eyes opened and boom! I jumped out of bed, brushed the teeth, ran downstairs and fired up the laptop!  Before another second goes by I have to give a shout out to all of the Partnerships making UROCK possible, I am so proud it! 

Tomorrow, Friday, November 7th will mark the LARGEST pre-registered attendance UROCK EXPERIENCE to date!  Thanks to John and Susan Battye of The Portsmouth PLANET RANGERS Organization I will be facilitating a 93-Person VISION BOARD PARTY!  We will be inside a large church hall, First United Methodist Church on 129 Miller Avenue in Portsmouth.  The great big church with a red door that has the best Pumpkin Patch in town!  You may recall this urock instagram photo from a couple weeks ago.  Friday night we will host about 20+Families all in one room, NINETY-THREE people all DREAMING TOGETHER, do you know what the energy is going to be like? Absolutely beautiful and powerful.

As a solo-boot-strapping-enthusiastic-entrepreneur it can be an uphill challenge at times....but even though UROCK is a company of one (for now, someday I will have 29 RockStar Teammates all working collectively side-by-side, it WILL BE the happiest, healthiest, work-place environment you have ever stepped inside)... but yes as of today and the past three years I have been rockin' it by myself.  Although with the out-pouring of support from community members, partnerships I have built in Portsmouth and beyond, and for my amazing, wonderful, and caring Friends and Family cheering me on, I never feel like I am alone on this UROCK Journey. 

So a big THANK YOU to you all.  If you reading this blog then you're not only on that list but you are in my heart. 

Check out the latest post over at URock Marketing, L.L.C. Facebook page and while you're at it check out UROCK's newly styled 'PARTNERS PAGE' -- super proud of it! ; )

I will leave you all with today's daily quote, great way to start your day, a little dose of positivity, I do it every morning!  Let's GET WITH IT! 

                       Daily Quote from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, The Author of:  ''The Power of Positive Thinking''

                       Daily Quote from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, The Author of:  ''The Power of Positive Thinking''

"Don't Play Small Here, PLAY BIG!" -Ed Gerety

It was September of 1999, when I first heard of, "dream boards and vision boards."  

I was a freshman student at Saint Joseph's College of Maine (Standish, ME) the setting was 'welcome weekend' for the entire freshman class of SJC.  The guest motivational speaker was a New Hampshire native, a gentlemen by the name of Ed Gerety.  

That day will forever remain with me, Ed changed my life. I was on the edge of my seat for his entire presentation glued to every word he said. It was towards the end of his speech, he spoke about having a vision, get clear about our goals, start to live the life we have imagined. Make, create a vision board! The stats and the strength behind dream boards, how to do it, what to do, why to do it. That's all I needed to hear. Once he concluded, after shaking his hand to say thank you, I sprinted back to my dorm room and created my very own dream board!

I took it very seriously, I looked at my dream board on a daily basis, I envisioned what I wanted to achieve, to accomplish. Well, throughout my four years, the magic happened, everything

I placed on my board started to come true.

Ed's peaceful presence and powerful message still rings true today. 

9/16/14: (Hampton, NH) Ed Gerety and Nick Mirabello take a moment at Winnacunnet High School following Gerety's presentation to hold two UROCK Vision Boards Mirabello created to display how he has taken Ed's message into motion! Both boards are a photo recap of all of the DREAM BOARD PARTIES UROCK has held over the past few years within New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Find the next #UROCKparty nearest you! 

9/16/14: (Hampton, NH) Ed Gerety and Nick Mirabello take a moment at Winnacunnet High School following Gerety's presentation to hold two UROCK Vision Boards Mirabello created to display how he has taken Ed's message into motion! Both boards are a photo recap of all of the DREAM BOARD PARTIES UROCK has held over the past few years within New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Find the next #UROCKparty nearest you! 

Fast forward 15-years later... September 16th, 2014 (today) I, Nicholas Mirabello was honored to introduce Ed Gerety on stage. I sat and experienced his powerful presentation to the Freshman Class of Winnacunnet High School and spent quality time with Ed after his presentation.

I am extremely grateful to still have the excellent opportunity to learn from him and to continue going and growing as I build my dream career at UROCK Marketing. Encouraging others to not play small here, but rather to Play Big & DREAM BIG!! I facilitate Vision Board Parties, I have the desire to inspire. Just like Ed inspired me, I want to help make the change in your life. Boost your confidence levels and let you know you can do it. Ed said it today; "It's time to step up and stand up for yourself!"

Yes! Stand up for your future because, UROCK! 

September = January 2.0!

September is a perfect time to hit the reset button on your New Year's Resolutions and check back in with yourself.  Personally & Professionally.  So you know what I am getting at.... Make a DREAM BOARD, a VISION BOARD for yourself!  Not sure how to start?  Call on UROCK, we got your back!  (207) 807-2394 or send me an email: or if you're feeling creative drop some snail mail: UROCK Marketing, L.L.C., P.O. Box 805, Portsmouth, NH 03802.  See It. Believe It. Achieve It. You are the CEO of your life, take charge of it!  Do not let anyone tell you differently. UROCK! -Chief Igniter, -Nicholas D. Mirabello

There is an excellent opportunity to join us this Friday, Sept. 12th in Melrose, Massachusetts at The Re/Max Heritage Office
Real Estate Consultant
536 Main St, Melrose, MA 02176
(781) 979-0100

Home of the NEXT #UROCKparty! 
6pm start, $40, everything is provided for you, just show up with a positive attitude and ready to DREAM BIG! 

Support Those Who Support You

earth - noun: dry land or the soil on dry land; a place of being as contrasted to the spirit world --Earth that planet that supports human life; --earth'ling (noun) --earth'ly (adj.) --earth'li~ness (noun)

Our planet supports you, so now it's time to support it!
Give back and GET BACK TO EARTH.  
¨This weekend promises to be a dream come true!¨

On August 15th, UROCK will be hitting the road, heading north to the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire for a full weekend!  Includes: Dream Board Party, Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, Hiking a Mountain, practicing Mountain Top Yoga, community building and much more!

UROCK hits the road to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and is ready to GET BACK TO EARTH!

UROCK hits the road to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and is ready to GET BACK TO EARTH!


UROCK Marketing, L.L.C. is proud to announce a brand new partnership with ¨Free Spirit LLC¨ -- Free Spirit LLC combines your passion for Yoga, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and the Great Outdoors all under one umbrella. 

It was a couple days following the UROCK Dream Board Party held back in May at lululemon Portsmouth that I was introduced to SUP YO! (Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga!) SUP YO was incredible experience for me, I had a breakthrough on that board! Soon after that I gained knowledge from the Owner and Instructor of SUP YO, Jana Olenio what else her business provides, well from there on it was perfect partnership! Both UROCK & SUP YO want to make a positive impact to improve lives and let your dreams come alive!

Whether you are on top of a mountain you just hiked, or standing in warrior on top of the ocean’s surface, or creating a dream board you are getting reconnected and acquainted with our planet earth, you are feeling the power of Our Universe and how it works within us.

I recently heard and learned from experience that a ¨day hike can make your week!’

UROCK's Chief Igniter, Nick Mirabello takes a summit-selfie during his 1st New Hampshire hike! 

UROCK's Chief Igniter, Nick Mirabello takes a summit-selfie during his 1st New Hampshire hike! 

What hiking a mountain does for for your body, mind, and soul is remarkable.

Now you have a chance to go away for the entire Weekend (August 15th to 17th) and get grounded!

UROCK is jumping on board with SUP YO and is ready to get BACK TO EARTH!

Ask yourself, do you want to connect with nature? Be inspired?

Well, join us for a wonderful Weekend Retreat, combining SUP Yoga, Hiking, and Dreaming!  This magical weekend getaway is all taking place in the beautiful White Mountain National Forest in North Conway, NH. August 15-17, 2014

The Get ‘’BACK TO EARTH’’ Retreat includes:

2 night stay (shared accommodations with shared baths)

3 healthy meals per day

2 SUP Yoga classes

1 Hike including mountain top yoga

1 Dream Board / Vision Board Party on opening evening, (Friday, August 15th) as you set your own intentions for this magical weekend and start putting your dreams, goals, aspirations down on paper and have them manifest into reality. Sitting inside a beautiful mountain house, surrounded by woods, lake, life, under the stars or by the camp fire, creating your own collage, your Dream Board is the PERFECT way to start this retreat! UROCK is honored to team up and get BACK TO EARTH with all of you!

You will enjoy two nights shared accommodations in a house that sleeps 9 comfortably nestled in the woods in Eidelweiss Village in Madison NH, just 5 miles south of Conway. Enjoy waking up each morning with a sunrise SUP Yoga class held on Eidelweiss Lake!  We will take our adventure off the water and into the forest where we will hike a local mountain including a mountain top yoga class. If you are looking to get back to nature, get in touch with your inner hippie or just feel like you need to “get grounded”, this retreat is for you!

Getting back to nature can do countless positive things for your body, mind and soul. It can leave you feeling grounded, rested, relaxed, rejuvenated, connected to planet earth, feel closer to our universe, and to others, and so much more!  

Join us for this weekend retreat in nature and nourish your mind, body and soul.

Full payment per person is: $425