Encourage People's Passions.

You know that feeling when you read something it just moves you? When every word flows like water, every sentence fits and sticks, and every paragraph carries more power than the last. You are completely engaged in what that author is saying.  I just had that exact moment and I wanted to share that article with you.  Plus it doesn't hurt the fact it has been 733-days since I last submitted a blog post! (2 years and 3 days since I last blogged, wow!) A lot has happened to UROCK, to myself, to my career since "My Perspective" on April 21, 2015.  We will save that for a Nick Novel down the road for now I will keep it brief.  

I will be directing your attention and giving credit to Matt Zimmer, author of article:
"Why Talking 'Passion' Can Make All The Difference." (April 21, 2017, Talent Management and HR). This jolted my motivational mindset and after reading it I'm all fired up to embrace this fresh week of work.  I was encouraged and felt slightly obligated to share this with you. 

The bulls-eye this article hits directly pinpoints why I am so grateful and passionate about my role with MassPay. We are constantly practicing this and we are always thinking of ways to enhance our workplace environment for our entire team.  The concept is easy to grasp --- now to execute it on a consistent basis that can be the difficult task. As a company one of our core values is to; constantly expect more from yourself and from those around you. The culture that Zimmer articulates in his article is something that certainly resonates with us and companies worldwide should adopt. If this philosophy echoed with more companies and a greater amount of managers, business owners, and executives started to implement it, think of how positive, productive, and peaceful our entire world could be?  

  • Find the right people
  • Discover their passions
  • Unleash their talent
  • Watch them perform to be their most engaging self
  • Manage & coach team cohesiveness
  • Express & display sincere care to everyone (employees, clients, partners, community)
  • ...and the results will speak for itself. 

I'll leave you with an extra appetizer of inspiration and hopefully you'll enjoy the short-impact article as much as I did. The majority of us spend so much of our time on this earth inside our walls of work, let's all do the right thing and treat people well, find out what people are passionate about, and know -- truly know -- we all have what it takes to make a difference.  

Enjoy: "Why Talking 'Passion' Can Make All The Difference." by Matt Zimmer.

~With Great Enthusiasm, 
UROCK's Chief Igniter (part-time)
MassPay's Chief Inspiration Officer (full-time)
and Passionate About People's Well-Being All The Time,

-Nicholas D. Mirabello