‘‘The Envelope, one word, The Shift, and Our Universe.’’

These four items have a significant meaning and played an integral role in how this whole WANDERLUST-UROCK connection all came about.

First, Part One: ''The envelope'' --- 

When did Brian (bcap) Capobianchi and his free-thought music meet Nick Mirabello and his brand of UROCK?  What started their journey of business partnership and friendship?  The timeline, the details, and the thrills that have taken place ever since these two entrepreneurs started to collaborate.

Our worlds collided on October 5, 2013, when local rockstar and incredible entrepreneur business woman and dear mutual friend Ms. Jessica Todd hired UROCK to assist in the marketing and emcee efforts of her 1st Anniversary Bash at her establishment of jessica todd on 33 Deer Street, Suite 1A.  The town’s newest hottest salon was throwing an epic party to celebrate and make their presence felt that they were the new kids on the block and ready to empower our Seacoast making people feel and look beautiful. Jessica also hired local radio station WXGR and their infamous free-thought lyricist, bcap to perform free-thought beats to pump up the party atmosphere.

Now I heard of this ¨bcap¨ but never met him.  Well that day 10/5/12 I did and we were intrigued with one another’s talents, thoughts, and own trails.

bcap and bello (Mirabello) did not reconnect until UROCK hires DATACET to perform on January 21, 2014 for the epic MLK DAY UROCKparty we held at jessica todd.  You could not have wrote a better script that evening. UROCK, the jtCrew, and DATACET inspired 104 Dreamers. (51 females, 51 males, & 2 dogs!) the community came out on that cold winter Monday night in January!  Dreams came true, partnerships were on display, and UROCK, jessica todd, and DATACET had executed one of the best parties in Portsmouth!

It was that NEXT NIGHT I will also never forget. A group of us headed out to another local establishment to support our friend bcap perform at The RED DOOR.  It was a unique acoustic set Brian created with his good friend Jackson Warfield.  It drew an incredible crowd and Jackson’s poetry readings were cued to bcap’s acoustic tunes. During a break in the performance, Brian and I made a point to meet up, connect, and catch up quickly. What he handed me on January 22nd, 2014 that evening inside the RED DOOR was an envelope, written across the front read ‘-urock-’.   I was caught off guard.

I quickly said, ¨woah, what is this?’   Inside that envelope was half the money of what I paid Brian the night before for UROCK’s event. I worked hard to earn that cash (serving tables at fine establishment of RADICI Restaurant) to pay for bcap’s and obie’s epic UROCKparty performance.  It was that very moment when Brian handed back half of his portion and stated, ''Take it, I want you to have some of this back.''  

Before he let me refuse it and read the slightly confused look on my face, Cap’ then stated,
''Means, we are in this together. I believe in you Nick.''

From that day forward I knew we were able to build a great business partnership, but more importantly blossom a beautiful friendship.