Support Those Who Support You

earth - noun: dry land or the soil on dry land; a place of being as contrasted to the spirit world --Earth that planet that supports human life; --earth'ling (noun) --earth'ly (adj.) --earth'li~ness (noun)

Our planet supports you, so now it's time to support it!
Give back and GET BACK TO EARTH.  
¨This weekend promises to be a dream come true!¨

On August 15th, UROCK will be hitting the road, heading north to the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire for a full weekend!  Includes: Dream Board Party, Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, Hiking a Mountain, practicing Mountain Top Yoga, community building and much more!

UROCK hits the road to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and is ready to GET BACK TO EARTH!

UROCK hits the road to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and is ready to GET BACK TO EARTH!


UROCK Marketing, L.L.C. is proud to announce a brand new partnership with ¨Free Spirit LLC¨ -- Free Spirit LLC combines your passion for Yoga, Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and the Great Outdoors all under one umbrella. 

It was a couple days following the UROCK Dream Board Party held back in May at lululemon Portsmouth that I was introduced to SUP YO! (Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga!) SUP YO was incredible experience for me, I had a breakthrough on that board! Soon after that I gained knowledge from the Owner and Instructor of SUP YO, Jana Olenio what else her business provides, well from there on it was perfect partnership! Both UROCK & SUP YO want to make a positive impact to improve lives and let your dreams come alive!

Whether you are on top of a mountain you just hiked, or standing in warrior on top of the ocean’s surface, or creating a dream board you are getting reconnected and acquainted with our planet earth, you are feeling the power of Our Universe and how it works within us.

I recently heard and learned from experience that a ¨day hike can make your week!’

UROCK's Chief Igniter, Nick Mirabello takes a summit-selfie during his 1st New Hampshire hike! 

UROCK's Chief Igniter, Nick Mirabello takes a summit-selfie during his 1st New Hampshire hike! 

What hiking a mountain does for for your body, mind, and soul is remarkable.

Now you have a chance to go away for the entire Weekend (August 15th to 17th) and get grounded!

UROCK is jumping on board with SUP YO and is ready to get BACK TO EARTH!

Ask yourself, do you want to connect with nature? Be inspired?

Well, join us for a wonderful Weekend Retreat, combining SUP Yoga, Hiking, and Dreaming!  This magical weekend getaway is all taking place in the beautiful White Mountain National Forest in North Conway, NH. August 15-17, 2014

The Get ‘’BACK TO EARTH’’ Retreat includes:

2 night stay (shared accommodations with shared baths)

3 healthy meals per day

2 SUP Yoga classes

1 Hike including mountain top yoga

1 Dream Board / Vision Board Party on opening evening, (Friday, August 15th) as you set your own intentions for this magical weekend and start putting your dreams, goals, aspirations down on paper and have them manifest into reality. Sitting inside a beautiful mountain house, surrounded by woods, lake, life, under the stars or by the camp fire, creating your own collage, your Dream Board is the PERFECT way to start this retreat! UROCK is honored to team up and get BACK TO EARTH with all of you!

You will enjoy two nights shared accommodations in a house that sleeps 9 comfortably nestled in the woods in Eidelweiss Village in Madison NH, just 5 miles south of Conway. Enjoy waking up each morning with a sunrise SUP Yoga class held on Eidelweiss Lake!  We will take our adventure off the water and into the forest where we will hike a local mountain including a mountain top yoga class. If you are looking to get back to nature, get in touch with your inner hippie or just feel like you need to “get grounded”, this retreat is for you!

Getting back to nature can do countless positive things for your body, mind and soul. It can leave you feeling grounded, rested, relaxed, rejuvenated, connected to planet earth, feel closer to our universe, and to others, and so much more!  

Join us for this weekend retreat in nature and nourish your mind, body and soul.

Full payment per person is: $425