quick glance of success stories throughout UROCK's journey


“We booked a UROCKparty for our team on the first day of 4th Quarter (2015) and it was the out-of-the box team builder that I was looking for. Nick’s energy and creativity inspired us to build our own vision boards. He energized and motivated our staff to give us a great start to the end of this year. Something we talk about as a team here at Treeline is the importance of believing in yourself and having that balance of personal and professional goals, a UROCK workshop will drive home those exact points for you and your staff.”

                - Dan Fantasia, (President & CEO of Treeline, Inc.)  

''Nick Mirabello and URock Marketing is one of kind. URock not only energizes and motivates my team, but building my first vision board brought my dream to life in under a year. I signed papers for my business at 26 and never looked back. Through the tough days I had my board to look at to constantly remind me of where I was headed. My team has doubled and I'm now heading into my third year. Meeting Nick and URock Marketing changed my game and coaching style forever. Supporting this company and project is something you will be very happy you did."
~ Jessica Todd (Owner & CEO of jessica todd)

FUN FACT: Jessica and her jtCrew have hosted two (2) UROCKparties already! {April 2013 & Jan 2014}  Check out this cool story about a dreamer who attended MLK Day 2014 UROCKparty!  

''UROCK was the kick-in-the-arse I needed to pursue the dreams that had fallen by the wayside in my life. I was in a job I didn't love and I had let my hobbies languish. That experience re-ignited the passion I have to own my life and achieve my goals. A year later, I'm living my dream creating amazing experiences for Apple and polishing off my degree. UROCK reminded me to look for my next step if I don't like the weather where I'm standing. Thanks again brother, your event helped me stir the most passionate drive to achieve that I've ever experienced!''   
Jay S. Buckley (Apple Expert, Apple Inc.)

''I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon my first URock vision board party. At that time I had just made the decision to leave my corporate career and follow my passion as a movement educator & fitness professional. I wasn't sure how or when I was going to do this, but I put together a vision board of what this would look like when all was said and done. Six months later I was out of my corporate job and literally living the dream. What an incredible feeling- and I thank Nick & URock for giving me this creative outlet that reminded me daily of my intentions!''

~ Lindsey James (Manager, Barre & Soul® Studio of Portsmouth, NH)

FUN FACT: Lindsey teamed up with UROCK to throw a #UROCKparty! for her own team to dream big and set their intentions!  Party was back on Friday, May 15th, 2015.

“Nick has a tremendous amount of positive energy. He is 35 years old, smart, creative, energetic, driven and has big goals for his company.  His brand, UROCK is absolutely dynamite to work with!”                         
                                          ~ Jason C. Maxwell (CEO of MassPay)