Growth & Development...

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6/27/14: Found this on my Friday work day! 

6/27/14: Found this on my Friday work day! 

This message is directed for the Seacoat community that I have been blessed to have met over the past 3+ years. To all my Portsmouth friends "that feel like family" sending wishes containing an abundance amount of positivity each of your way. Let us acknowledge all of us are "going and growing" -- we all should love more and stress less. Respect the growing process and don't ever feel you have to rush.

Reflecting on my special work day I had yesterday... I took time to soak up the atmosphere and everyone I interacted with in some way, I applaud you, us, the universe; as we all continue to "go & grow" ... We all have successes and pains, happiness and sadness, but must we continue to see the beauty and power that lies beneath the importance of self- growth & development.  We all go at our own pace. 

As we all know, particular days life can be hard.  Every day can't be beautiful, but there is always a bit of beauty in everyday.