It Takes Teammates To Win!

The vision of UROCK Marketing was born in my mind in 2007.  It became a reality inside the State House of New Hampshire on November 18, 2010.  I ignited the company on January 15th, 2011 in front of a college audience of 200+ campus leaders for the very first #UROCKtalk.


It's been a 3+ year grind. p until the second day of this new year, (Thursday, January 2nd, 2014) that morning, it all came to me.  I woke up, lying in bed, eyes wide open, and mind racing --- I immediately sprinted across my bedroom floor directly into my home office and started erasing my giant white board that held last year's ideas (I of course snapped a quick iPhone pic before erasing those grand ideas,... not going to lie, I paused a second longer and thought of what Instagram filter would be cool and be the perfect fit for what I captured?)


I quickly re-focused into the tangible world and said out loud, "New Year, New Plan, New Results!"  I began writing enthusiastically scribbling and writing some more! I caught myself changing each dry-erase marker color every moment I got excited with the next BIG IDEA! Within minutes the white board that is easily 6-feet wide and about 3-feet tall was filled with UROCK's 2014 Gameplan! I stepped away, admired my morning creativity, and the most peaceful feeling ran through my body… I was starting to get it!


ith my new found small business discovery/re-structured game plan, I headed downstairs of my downtown loft swung into the kitchen and started up the tea kettle for my morning green tea.  As the water boiled, I sat down on my couch, flipped open my iPad and thought to myself, what website should I head to for an extra shot of inspiration?  Then all of a sudden I went to a negative thought (which only happens probably twice a year).  Keep in mind at that current moment it was January 2nd, that only leaves me with one more negative thought for 2014.  


I cashed in as the tea kettle began to whistle, out loud I yelled at myself with a demanding tone, "Nick, if you're not online, you're not in business!"  I followed that up with conviction, my body language became very dramatic and I abruptly went to my trusted journal and wrote down, "By the first quarter of this new year (2014) I WILL have a UROCK website!"  It was a SMART Goal.


Photo captured at the Alpha Loft in Downtown Portsmouth during a #UROCKtalk in 2013.  I was co-presenting with a former teammate in the advertising field, who I call the Guru of Twitter and good friend, Mr. Don Perkins.

Photo captured at the Alpha Loft in Downtown Portsmouth during a #UROCKtalk in 2013.  I was co-presenting with a former teammate in the advertising field, who I call the Guru of Twitter and good friend, Mr. Don Perkins.

For a young small business Newpreneur in this mini-city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, which sometimes feels like a mecca of the smartest, brightest, sharpest, web developers, web designers, and kick ass marketing agencies, this was an extremely intimidating task that lied ahead for me. However, I tend to never back down from a challenge, it only strengthens my motivation.  Whenever I am faced with a challenge, my mind tends to revert back to my baseball diamond. ¨Baseball is more than a game, it serves as a Training Field for Life.¨ ~Kenesaw Mountain Landis

I played 4-years of D3 College Ball, coached 3 years at the D3 level as well, and I have learned first hand that it takes teammates to to win! One of my most prominent quotes comes from an Author/Entrepreneur I admire, Mr. Mac Anderson. He stated, "Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!"

That was it.  I needed to find trusted teammates that believe in my Grand Vision of UROCK's Mission.  UROCK has grand plans and BIG DREAMS.  UROCK has the desire to inspire and we want your dreams to come true!  Everyone UROCK works with, we want you to live the life you want to live. UROCK wants to bring your vision to reality.

I have been so blessed to build such a healthy network here on the Seacoast every since I moved here.  In fact the first morning I woke up as a new New Hampshire resident inside my downtown loft was also on a January, 2nd, the year was: 2011... I guess there is a trend forming here, the second of January is an inspiring date for me.

Starting UROCK Marketing has been by far the most challenging task I have ever taken on in my professional world.  At times it has been a grind, for the most part when I am fully immersed within a UROCK event, meeting a new potential client, making a positive impact in a small local business owner, it has been a true joyous journey for me.  Recently, in front of a crowd of my closest Portsmouth circle of friends, I was called out and on the mic, over the speakers, I was told; "the best is yet to come!"  TRUTH. I am now starting to figure it out!  

It takes teammates to win.

Three teammates that have lifted me up and who are the three people I instantly thought of when I wrote the title of this initial launch blog is; Jesse LaCasse, Jessica Todd, & Brian Capobianchi.  Their dreams are coming true and I am honored to work so closely with these SuperStars!

My great college buddy and former college teammate, Jesse LaCasse (Master Turner and Owner of LaCasse Bats) who provided me with UROCK's iPad2 and UROCK's newest Google Chromebook that this blog was built on, he is well on his way and the growth and development of his small business is strong as the wood he crafts into homerun machines. Custom made wooden baseball bats from his backyard of trees in Skowhegan, Maine, quite impressive.  He is busy turning trees into baseball bats and turning a lot of heads in how much work he is doing building his business. The Boston Globe took notice and took the drive up 95North to capture this Bat Making Man.  Jesse, UROCK and I will see you this weekend for your GRAND SLAM OPENING!  

My dear friend and terrific neighbor, Ms. Jessica Todd of jessica todd who inspires me everyday with her independence, the culture she has built at her establishment. This salon is a touch of Manhattan right inside our mini-city of Downtown Portsmouth.  Jessica motivates me everyday as she continues to build her brand and leads a team of extraordinary women. I owe an immense attitude of gratitude towards Jessica and her staff for believing in UROCK and for hosting that past two January Dream Board Parties. A young Jess Todd was at the very first UROCK Dream Board Party held at Le Club Boutique/City Shoes, owner Cathy Reddington gave UROCK it's start in Portsmouth and I will never forget that. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of 2011.  My goal was to have 12 people there, the twelfth person to arrive that special evening, was my new friend and neighbor jt! She walked in, on a mission to put her dreams on a board, 'turn her ideas into cash' 'entrepreneur' 'be a change' 'take the leap' 'start her own salon' …. less than 8 months later, Jessica Todd became a small-business owner in a BIG WAY!  Her Grand Opening of jessica todd was on October 5th, 2012 and the salon was packed!  Since then she and her team have never looked back! Only going forward in a big way.  UROCK is so thrilled and honored to call jessica todd a partner.  Thank you Jessica, your establishment is where the passion for hair design lives and it shows!  You are a true artist, a balayage badass, and an incredible leader in this community.  Your future is as bright as your branding wall inside the salon. Boom! Keep making it great!

And to my newest Seacoast Friend, Brian Capobianchi.  Known coast to coast, meaning… WORLDWIDE. He is known as "bcap."  This true artist of free thought music is the smoothest lyricist in the industry. No doubt! His creativity and dedication to his craft is awe-inspiring and I can not wait to see what this future holds for him, for us. Everyday, every performance, he gets better. His voice and lyrics are captivating and his talent is extremely versatile. Brian and one of his business partners who is one of the best DJ's in the game, Ryan Obermiller, together the dynamic duo make up, DATACET (Pronounced: day'tah'set).  DATACET has performed as the headline musical performance for three different UROCK events.  The past two Dream Board Parties and the One Year Anniversary of jessica todd. Anytime UROCK plans an event with a business owner immediately bcap's name is brought to the table. Although his newest album is entitled, HIDEOUT, this artist will be seen and heard all over the world, follow him now you will be impressed.  -- You will be moved. I also owe him a huge thanks because he did all the heavy lifting in building and launching Being able to catch an inside look at what Brian can do as an musician, as an artist, as a graphic-designer, now website creator, and overall leader in our community is quite impressive. He pushes me to be better. I just hope UROCK can catch up with him. Mr. Capobianchi is well-traveled, tour dates galore, and is currently sitting on the brink of something very exciting! Thanks bcap, UROCK!  Keep bringing your words to our world, you are making an amazing impact. Music Changes Everything and you my friend are a game changer.

This is just a glance at three rockstars that believe in me and helped me to keep the UROCK Dream alive and have assisted in building the UROCK Brand. My advice to all, Dream Big!  Do not let anyone tell you that you can not achieve your dreams, or that your dream is too grand.  UROCK Marketing wants to help everyone's dreams come true and help enhance the lives of everyone they come in contact with, I believe UROCK can do it.  From childhood I owe it to my Wonderful Mother, she instilled in me, You can do anything, you put your mind to."  And it was just today that my wonderful Mother sent me a text that instantly went up as UROCK's Facebook status: "sometimes you have to jump just to see if you can fly!"

From my Mother, to my close-knit family and hometown friends, to the three super stars I mentioned above; Jesse, Jessica, Brian, and the rest of URockstars this is for you, I do what I do for the dreamers, and I get by with a little help from my friends…

Here's to family, friends, and fellow entrepreneurs: All of us stepping up our game in 2014.  UROCK is ready to do it. I'm online, I'm in business, it takes teammates to win, I like my chances, because I think I am surrounded by a DREAM TEAM!  

Make 2014 Your Year that changes your life. UROCK's Chief Igniter, -Nick Mirabello

1st blog post of my UROCK Journey, 3/17/14, cool.  CHEERS!